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SkinMedica®, believes everyone deserves to have naturally radiant skin. That’s why they’ve dedicated years of research to formulating advanced skin care products that rejuvenate skin. The entire aesthetic product line is inspired by the science of the skin. As skin ages, elasticity decreases, lines appear and overall appearance is diminished. SkinMedica skin care products contain specialty ingredients that improve the overall appearance of skin.

MoisturizeMoisturize ProtectionProtection CleanseCleanse BrightenBrighten Aging SolutionsAging Targeted TreatmentTargeted
SkinMedica Dermal Repair Usage Directions for use
Apply twice daily after cleansing, toning and applying treatment products. Apply to your entire face, (neck and chest if desired) and gently massage into skin.
  • Hyaluronic acid binds moisture to cells for improved hydration
  • Vitamin C boosts collagen production and improves skin tone
  • Vitamin E defends against free radical damage
SkinMedica HA5
Apply twice daily as the last treatment product in your skin care regimen and immediately before applying a moisturizer (AM/PM) and before sunscreen (AM). Apply to face, neck and decollete or any area where fine lines and wrinkles primarily exist.
  • Hyaluronic Acid: provides immediate and lasting hydration
  • Peptide Complex: rejuvenates skin and reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles
  • Vitamin E to protect skin from damaging free radicals and signs of premature aging
SkinMedica Ultra Sheer Moisturizer
Apply a small amount into your hand and gently massage into skin.
  • Hyaluronic acid binds moisture to the skin for lightweight hydration.
  • Vitamin C creates a more even tone, defends against free radicals and supports collagen production.
  • Vitamin E neutralizes free radicals to prevent damage and irritation.
SkinMedica TNS Ceramide
Apply a small amount into your hand and gently massage into skin.
  • Patented TNS helps rebuild cells to improve skin’s overall appearance.
  • Ceramides work to maintain the skin’s moisture barrier.
  • Peptides promote collagen production to help the healing process and minimize wrinkles.
SkinMedica Total Defense and Repair
Protection Apply to your entire face (neck and chest if desired), and other sun-exposed areas in the morning, as the last product in your regimen or as needed, at least every 2 hours if in direct sunlight.Dispense onto back of hand and apply generously to face and other sun-exposed areas. Children under 6 months of age, ask a doctor
A Blend of UV filters

  • Homosalate
  • Octinoxate
  • Octisalate
  • Zinc Oxide
SkinMedica Lytera Brightening Complex
Brighten Apply twice daily after cleansing and toning the skin and prior to applying moisturizer and sunscreen. Lytera can be applied to the entire face, neck, chest or other affected areas. Caution Keep out of direct sunlight. Do not use if you are pregnant, lactating or planning to become pregnant.
  • Tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate – a form of vitamin C, a free radical scavenger.
  • Vitamin B-3 to enhance the barrier function of the skin.
  • Ethyl linoleate to promote even looking skin tone and help support barrier function.
  • Squalaneto defend against water loss.
  • Retinol (vitamin A) is vital for the formation of healthy skin.
SkinMedica Facial Cleanser
Cleanse Splash face with warm water. Gently massage a quarter sized amount of cleanser over face for one minute. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water. Apply appropriate SkinMedica toner after cleansing.
  • Panthenol (pro-vitamin B5) is a deep-penetrating agent that binds moisture to surface skin layers. Soothing and calming, it encourages healthy skin.
  • Camellia oleifera leaf extract reduces the appearance of redness and
    provides powerful antioxidant properties.
SkinMedica AHA/BHA Cleanser
CleanseBrighten Apply to your entire face, (neck and chest if desired). Apply as the first product used in your morning and evening skin care routine, as tolerated. Moisten face with lukewarm water and apply a small amount to face and gently massage into skin. Rinse thoroughly.
  • Salicylic Acid is a beta-hydroxy acid (BHA) that helps exfoliate skin
  • Pro-vitamin B5 – binds moisture to surface skin layers and encourages healthy skin.
SkinMedica Retinol Complexes (available in
0.25, 0.50, 1.0 strengths)
Aging SolutionsBrighten Apply a single pump to face in the evening. If you have never used a retinol product before, begin by limiting use to twice a week, gradually increasing frequency to every other night, and then advancing to each evening or as tolerated. Mild redness, peeling and irritation is expected when using this product. Use daily sun protection with SPF 20 or higher during use of this product. Avoid getting in eyes. If contact occurs, rinse eyes thoroughly with water.
  • Retinol (vitamin A) is vital for the formation of healthy skin. This also helps smooth dry, thick, and rough skin.
SkinMedica TNS Essential Serum
Aging Solutions Apply in the morning and evening after cleansing and toning. Apply to your entire face (neck and chest if desired). Dispense on the back of your hand and blend together before applying.
  • Human fibroblast conditioned media (TNS) -, naturally secreted and stabilized growth factor blend to help improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and overall skin tone and texture.
  • Ergothioneine (EGT) is a super-antioxidant with free radical scavenging properties.
  • Coenzyme Q10 to counteract free radical damage.
  • Green tea leaf extract to help quench free radicals.
  • Vitamin C, a free radical scavenger.
  • Vitamin E,moisturizes the skin and improves smoothness.
  • Blackberry leaf extract is a natural antioxidant
SkinMedica Eye Repair
Targeted Treatment Apply a thin layer twice daily to the skin adjacent to and beneath the eye. Avoid the upper eyelid and avoid getting product in eyes.
  • Patented TNS helps rebuild cells to improve skin’s overall appearance
  • Peptides diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Retinyl palmitate promotes healthy cell renewal
  • Hyaluronic acid hydrates and plumps skin
  • Vitamins C and E offer antioxidant benefits.

SkinMedica is a medical-grade product line that chooses only the highest quality ingredients that are scientifically proven to show amazing results. With over two decades of clinical research, Skin Medica Scientists strive to formulate some of the best and latest products on the market to help with overall skin rejuvenation. As we age, our skin’s natural ability to rejuvenate depletes, resulting in collagen and elasticity decreases. Over time this creates facial sagging, fine lines and wrinkles, and dull, dehydrated skin.

SkinMedica products can be used on any skin type. With a broad range of products that include topical growth factors, hyaluronic acid, powerful antioxidants, retinoids, and moisturizers, these products can help enhance the health of the skin to restore youthfulness.

TNS Essential Serum
, Lytera Brightening Complex and Retinol Complex have been highlighted in many reputable magazines such as InStyle, New Beauty and Women’s Health.

TNS Essential Serum is an all-in-one rejuvenation serum that combines a powerful, naturally secreted and stabilized growth factor blend with skin supporting peptides and essential antioxidants to help visibly improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, skin tone and texture. With a 93.6% concentration of growth factors, TNS is one of the most powerful rejuvenating serums on the market. This is one of our best-selling products and is highly recommended to all patients looking for anti-aging products, help with tightening their skin, or a simple regimen that gives big results. This essential product should always be the first product applied to the skin after it is cleansed and toned.

 Lytera Brightening Complex is a non-hydroquinone based skin lightener made up of ingredients such as Vitamin C, Niacinamide, Retinol and Peptides to help promote a more even skin tone. In clinical studies, 79% of patients reported improvement in the evenness of skin tone after 12 weeks and 95% reported improvement in overall skin condition after 12 weeks. Lytera is suitable for improving the tone of all skin types, and is a great product to retain long term results in patients with Melasma and Hyperpigmentation that are transitioning off of prescription products such as hydroquinone. It is also a great product for patients who are looking to give their skin an even, dewy glow. Lytera can be used morning and night and should be applied to clean skin after TNS Essential serum or rejuvenating serums.

Retinol, or Vitamin A, is a clinically proven ingredient that can transform the skin in numerous ways. Benefits from retinol include increased skin firmness, smoothing of the skin’s surface, reducing fine lines and wrinkles and evening out skin tone. Retinol is also a great way to speed up exfoliation to help remove any unwanted breakouts. Retinol can sometimes come with unwanted side effects such as dryness and irritation, but SkinMedica has found a way to diminish those side effects by encapsulating their Retinol Complex in anti-inflammatory antioxidants making the delivery system of the retinol more tolerable for the skin. This retinol comes in different strengths that our Aesthetician will help you choose from depending on your skin type. Retinol should only be used in the evening before your night time moisturizer.

These are only a few of the many SkinMedica products we carry in our office. All SkinMedica products are eligible for the Brilliant Distinctions Rewards Program. With each SkinMedica purchase, you can receive BD points for coupons and rewards to be used towards future SkinMedica purchases, Allergan Injectables such as Botox and Juvederm, and SkinMedica Chemical Peels. Schedule your complimentary consultation today to find out which products would work best for you.