Waxing and Hair Removal Services

Waxing is a great way to temporarily remove hair. The hair that is removed typically takes up to eight weeks to grow back. Once the hair is waxed, the hair follicles are damaged, slowing down regrowth and producing softer, lighter hair. Prior to waxing, the recommended length of hair should be between 1/4 to 1/2 inches. Avoid using Retin-A or Retinoids in the area of waxing at least 1 week before. Please ask your provider for further precautions for the best results.
  • Upper Lip – $15
  • Chin – $15
  • Sideburns – $20
  • Nose – $30
  • Brows – $30

Body Peel and Nourishing Treatment – $150-250

In the constant battle against the aging process, it is just as important to treat the skin on the body, as well as the face. Help stimulate blood circulation, removes dead skin cells, impurities, while toning and tightening in your most stubborn areas. This luxurious treatment includes a deep cleanse, medical grade exfoliation and oxygenating masks, finished with a nourishing body moisturizer leaving your skin feeling like satin.

Scar Therapy – Series of 8 Treatments

  • Small – $520 ($65 each)
  • Medium – $680 ($85 each)
  • Large – $840 ($105 each)